ChatGPT Business Coming Soon

OpenAI is set to launch a new ChatGPT Business subscription targeted at professionals in the coming months. This subscription will enable professionals to have better control over their data. Improved control over data is likely to be welcomed by businesses, as large corporations including JPMorgan, Amazon, and Verizon had previously banned their employees from using ChatGPT due to concerns about sensitive business information being inputted into the chatbot. In addition, this business solution will be tailored specifically for enterprise users seeking to manage their end-users. OpenAI has stated that, by default, it will not use end-user data from ChatGPT Business to train its models.

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What is ChatGPT Business?

ChatGPT Business is an upcoming subscription service by OpenAI, designed specifically for professionals and business users. It leverages advanced natural language processing technology to deliver a highly intelligent chatbot experience. Compared to the standard version of ChatGPT, ChatGPT Business will offer a range of enhancements and optimizations for business environments.

ChatGPT Business Functions

  • Data Control: ChatGPT Business will provide users with better control and management over their data, addressing concerns about the security of sensitive business information.
  • Enterprise-Level Management Features: The subscription service will offer a set of management tools to help business users effectively manage their end-users. This ensures that companies using ChatGPT Business can comply with corporate policies and regulatory requirements.
  • Privacy Protection: OpenAI has stated that by default, it will not use end-user data from ChatGPT Business to improve its models. This means users’ data privacy will be better protected.
  • Highly Customizable: ChatGPT Business will offer highly customized solutions for different industries and business scenarios. This helps to meet the needs of various businesses in customer support, sales, marketing, and more.
  • Priority Support: Users of ChatGPT Business will receive priority technical support and customer service, ensuring timely and effective help during usage.

ChatGPT Business Pricing

OpenAI has not yet announced the pricing scheme for the product named “ChatGPT Business”. However, OpenAI offers various subscription packages for developers and businesses. As time goes on, the specific pricing scheme may change, so it is recommended that you visit the OpenAI official website for the latest pricing information. API pricing is typically set based on factors such as the number of API calls, computational resources, and access speed. If you have questions about the pricing scheme or need to know more, you can contact OpenAI’s support team for detailed information.

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