6 Best GPT-4 Applications in 2023

We’ll dive into the features of 6 best GPT-4 applications available in 2023, highlighting their wide range of uses in various fields, including business, education, and scientific research. Whether you’re looking for more intelligence, efficiency, or precision in natural language processing, these applications are sure to provide the solutions you need.

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What is GPT-4?

GPT-4 is the latest natural language processing model developed by OpenAI based on the GPT series of models. It uses Transformer architecture and pre-training technology to extract knowledge and patterns from large text corpora through unsupervised learning, which can be fine-tuned for use in various natural language processing tasks. With more parameters, higher accuracy, and greater customizability, GPT-4 is expected to bring more possibilities for the development of artificial intelligence.

Advancements in GPT-4:

  • Compared to its predecessor, GPT-3.5, GPT-4 boasts significant advancements, including multi-modal generation, text-to-image and text-to-video conversion, and recognition of information in tables and pictures.
  • GPT-4 has also shown improvements in accuracy, with the U.S. Judicial Examination ranking and SAT scores increasing significantly.
  • Additionally, the maximum input character limit has increased from 3000 to 10000, making it even more powerful for natural language processing tasks.

6 Best GPT-4 Applications

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus is the top GPT-4 app, available for subscription at $20/month on ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Plus Features:

  • Faster response speed without waiting in line during peak usage
  • Outperform ChatGPT with GPT-3.5 on various tests
  • Enjoy priority access to various new features

Microsoft and OpenAI partnered to install GPT-4 on the new Bing engine, allowing users to search as if chatting with peers.

Bing ChatGPT Features:

  • Combine search engine and GPT-4 to provide newer answers than ChatGPT
  • Provide direct answers and links to searched web pages

Need help naming children, pets, or novel characters? Name Generator Plus uses GPT-4 to generate unique and meaningful names.

Name Generator Features:

  • Support multiple languages and customizable options for generating names
  • Allow checking of name meanings after generation

E-commerce payment company Stripe is adding GPT-4 capabilities to its digital payment and financial software services.

Stripe+GPT-4 Features:

  • Use GPT-4 to analyze user corporate websites for customized internet financial solutions

Non-profit educational organization Khan Academy will integrate GPT-4 capabilities into their AI educational robot Khanmigo, offering free courses in science, math, and humanities.

Khan Academy Features:

  • Provide online one-on-one course tutoring and learning method guidance for students
  • Assist teaching and provides teaching plan reference for teachers

Popular language learning website Duolingo has integrated GPT-4 in their Duolingo Max program for automatic grammar error correction.

Duolingo Max Features:

  • Feature personalized AI Chatbot for language learning
  • Provide detailed answer explanations with more usage and examples


Incorporating GPT-4 into various applications has significantly improved their capabilities and performance, marking a significant advancement in the field of natural language processing. GPT-4’s potential to generate accurate and human-like language, assist in educational research, and enhance customer service has the potential to revolutionize industries. OpenAI recently announced the upcoming launch of ChatGPT Business, which will be powered by GPT-4. It is exciting to imagine how developers and enterprises will utilize this powerful AI tool to improve operations and deliver better services to users. The future of AI development holds great promise, and we can look forward to seeing how GPT-4 and other advancements will shape our world in the coming years.